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12 May 2021

Ethereum Moves Toward ETH 2.0 With ‘Super Experimental’ Testnet - Decrypt

Ethereum Moves Toward ETH 2.0 With ‘Super Experimental’ Testnet - Decrypt

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Developers at several Ethereum software labs, as part of the ETH Global Scaling Hackathon project calledRayonism, today launched what one researcher termed “a super experimental Eth1-Eth2 post-merge testnetwork.” .

Bitcoin and Ethereum both require users to “mine” tokens, which equates to dedicating their computing power to solving difficult cryptographic puzzles—and then being rewarded in tokens and fees if they’re the first to do so on the network. .

While the initial thought from Ethereum core developers has been to continue adding upgrades to Ethereum 2.0 until it supplants the current Ethereum network, the new “Rayonism” approach—if adopted—would maintain and merge two different systems: transactions would occur on the current network while consensus, or finalization, of those transactions would happen on what we currently think of as Ethereum 2.0.

The work involved collaboration from three Ethereum clients—including Geth, the software client used by over 80% of the computers running the Ethereum blockchain, as well as Besu and Nethermind.

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