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05 March 2021

Exclusive: Google's Former Artist-in-Residence Will Mint an NFT for Every New Piece - Decrypt

Exclusive: Google's Former Artist-in-Residence Will Mint an NFT for Every New Piece - Decrypt

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He hasmade buildings dreamand turned a 1,700,000 document archive into a galactic constellation of data points called‘ Archive Dreaming.’ In a piece called ‘Melting Memories,’ inspired by his uncle’s battle with Alzheimer’s, he turned brain scans of people’s memories into beautiful and almost tangible textures.

Now Anadol, 36 and with 321k Instagram followers, is neck-deep into crypto art, the most intangible sci-fi invention of our time.

The drop was called ‘Machine Hallucinations,’ and it was a set of five augmented reality, data-driven sculptures done in a style that nods to Renaissance sculptures, albeit ones that have undergone some hallucinatory warping after being churned through an artificial subconscious.

Since auctions concluded on December 1, 2020, the value of the data paintings has shot up.

Now convinced of their worth, Anadol vows to mint an NFT—a crypto collectible—for every piece of art he sculpts, paints or codes, he toldDecrypt.

“From now on, since I trust the crypto art world, everything I do in the physical world will always have a corresponding piece in the crypto world.

Between minting digital tokens and making public displays of a building’s subconscious, Anadol still thinks of himself as a painter, and a cursory glance at his compositions will tell you that he’s earned that right.

By projecting archive footage from the Los Angeles Philharmonic onto the strange modern facades of the concert hall, Anadol created the sight of a building reliving its own memories. .

In 2014, Refik founded ‘Refik Anadol Studio’, a collaboration of data scientists, architects, designers and researchers from ten countries, who work with code to merge architecture, graphic design and AI into psychedelic cyberpunk data paintings that have been exhibitedin dozens of cities, including Berlin, New York, Miami, Florence, Paris and Istanbul.

If I work with data, I'm aware of which data I'm using and which algorithms are sorting that data.

When asked exactly what it is about blockchain that makes it so appealing for artists, Anadol enthuses: “You know exactly what’s going on, you're aware of your audience?

The Refik Anadol Studio will use data from the Human Connectome Project as its palette

Refik’s studio will analyse what happens when we think, and if the thinking process can be turned into architecture. 

The questions Refik will be trying to answer at Biennale are, he says: “can we live in our own thoughts

Anadol brings a lot of hard earned credibility from art institutions into the NFT market

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