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25 June 2021

Exclusive: Interview with Constantin Kogan, Co-founder at BullPerks

Exclusive: Interview with Constantin Kogan, Co-founder at BullPerks

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Kogan: Many and we have an article and video with more comprehensive details in our social media channels but in short, we are both a decentralized VC and a multi-chain launchpad, so 2 projects under 1 roof using same token and have an adaptive tier system where we constantly monitor the token price and adjust tier levels according to that, so it’s not set and just based on the amount of tokens you hold.

We also have time locks, so that if you invested in a deal then you have a certain time lock so that you can’t invest in all deals so more people get to participate in deals.

Another aspect is we have skin in the game and invest in the deals we bring to our community so we win together and lose together so have our interest aligned and have to maintain high quality?

BTCM: Can you share the names of some popular and influential projects you have invested into date.

Kogan: Together the co-founders have invested in probably over 100 projects to date.

BTCM: Can you share with us a little about what’s in the pipeline for BullPerks for the rest of 2021.

Kogan: This project was built for the community and we will do whatever necessary to protect our community and bring them only the best deals!

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