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26 January 2021

Exploring the Untapped Potential of SINOVATE's Decentralised Data Ecosystem

Exploring the Untapped Potential of SINOVATE's Decentralised Data Ecosystem

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Much like the universe itself, humanity’s need for secure, scalable data storage is constantly expanding, and with the cloud storage market alone set to witness an acceleration of growth over the next 5 years, from $50.1 billion, to $137.3 billion, this trend will only continue to pose more challenges in the years ahead.

Centralized cloud data networks are more vulnerable to these types of attacks, as the level of encryption is not on par with the new industry standard.

The group cited a previous incident reported by Reuters that involved voter data, stored on Amazon centralized cloud servers, being left exposed online in expressing concerns on the industry’s largest provider.

One source claimed that as much as 70% of businesses using large cloud storage were subject to some form of hack, leaving sensitive data like logins, passwords and IP addresses totally exposed.

With blockchain technology disrupting almost every sector, the data storage market has also attracted new innovators, with dCloud becoming the new primary focus.

In addition to the slow progress made in this sector, there are new problems with dCloud platform tokenization; with more tokens being created for network rewards, projects are susceptible to token inflation, and coin dumping.

With no outright solution standing out, there is now a huge market for any project that can address the old issues unresolved by the big data leaders and alleviate these new concerns in the dCloud data sector.

One newcomer to the space that is gaining recent notoriety is SINOVATE, a decentralized cloud data storage platform proposing a completely unique answer to these ongoing problems.

SINOVATE’s network is backed by Deterministic Infinity Nodes (DIN) which interact seamlessly with Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS)  through a novel protocol called bFTP (blockchain-based File Transfer Protocol) to offer unparalleled levels of security.

Just some of the things in the works are its Cloud 3.0, a network that will offer the fast retrieval of secure files, with completely anonymous P2P file sharing – and its SIN Messenger app, with private-focused messaging.

By keeping its vision in-house, and building its solution based around the same attributes (governance, security, scalability, transparency, and stability) that have seen blockchain adopted by industry, SINOVATE have created a viable solution for decentralized data storage on a grand scale

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