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24 May 2020

Fed Up With Its Fork of Stellar, Kin Is Looking to Move Onto Solana - CoinDesk

Fed Up With Its Fork of Stellar, Kin Is Looking to Move Onto Solana - CoinDesk

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Now that’s proving to be inadequate so the cryptocurrency will port over to Solana in a matter of months, pending adequate support from app developers in the Kin ecosystem.

“Kin is one the best ways to show what Solana is capable of,” Anatoly Yakovenko of the Solana Foundation told CoinDesk.

The Solana Foundation would actually pay the Kin Foundation for making this move, however, awarding it with up to 1% of the supply of SOL (roughly $6 million at today’s prices), with 0.1% unlocking for each new 1 million active users that join over a 24-month period. .

“It is ultimately up to the developers in the Kin ecosystem to decide if they want to migrate to Solana; however, we know that speed and throughput are two key issues within this community, and those happen to be two areas where Solana shines brightest,” Yakovenko wrote. .

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