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26 October 2020

Filecoin Launch Finally Brings $200M ICO to Fruition - CoinDesk

Filecoin Launch Finally Brings $200M ICO to Fruition - CoinDesk

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It should be noted that the tokens distributed today will basically all be subject to a vesting schedule, so only a very small portion of the set above would count as circulating.

Keto contends that the first market to actually have FIL tokens available for purchase will very likely be its own CoinList Pro.

To watch price, CoinList believes that it’s own site should be one of the first to start seeing orders so it may be the earliest indication of where the price is headed on the market.

“CoinList will launch trading in 3 phases: post-only auction, book building, and live trading,” Keto wrote in an email.

“Given that CoinList will have the majority of the initial supply, in all likelihood will be CoinList Pro will be first to list.

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