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23 June 2021

Finance Redefined: The shadow DeFi conference in Miami! June 2-9

Finance Redefined: The shadow DeFi conference in Miami! June 2-9

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What little time I did get to spend with DeFi folks was immensely rewarding, however.

I came away from talks with representatives from SushiSwap, Yearn Finance, Balancer, Polygon, the Digital Dollar Project, and FTX, among others, with a couple useful kernels of info on how decentralized finance may evolve in the latter half of the year.

While it feels like institutional adoption has been justout over the horizon for years now, there’s growing reason to believe that big investment bank money may finally be splashing around in DeFi pools before too long. .

Decabillionaire Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX and Alameda Research (who notably had no security guards, despite Bitcoiners worth orders of magnitude less like Saylor walking around with a mobile rugby scrum — or, wait, maybe Sam had very good security guards in that I never noticed them?) described the dynamic as similar to a college couple, with one party “waiting” for the other.

It started with information, decentralized information [...] and it’s now set its sights on finance.

Don Tapscott talks about the Internet of Value, and the Internet of Value has many elements, but two of them are stablecoins and blockchain-based [currencies], and DeFi, when it comes to financial institutions.”.

Where the battle over decentralized information came with built-in protections for the masses — because of first amendment rights, there is no “ministry of information,” as Giancarlo puts it — the battle over decentralized finance will be tougher, as there are dozens and dozens of regulatory bodies to grapple with.

Here’s an under-reported quality of this bear market that makes me wonder if all the talk about supercycles might be on point: even with a 50% pullback across the board, VCs are still willing to spend big money on quality projects. .

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