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08 March 2021

Financial Vampirism And Bitcoin

Financial Vampirism And Bitcoin

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Man learned through voluntary and profitable trade with his counterparts that in a free and flourishing society, his capital could be preserved and could grant him a degree of certainty in satisfying his basic needs into the future via savings.

The dominant medium through which man determined he would save his capital emerged in the form of a monetary medium, that is, the most liquid salable good in a society that served to preserve value across time and space.

A single, most important asset which enjoys its value premium separate from its function as a capital or consumption good.

The bastardization of the natural economic order through policies influenced by the likes of Keynesian economics has distorted the ways in which man can plan for and save his capital for the satisfaction of his most basic needs in the future. .

The melting ice cube that is fiat currency functions not as a chosen dominant market leader in capital savings and transactions, but rather as a lynchpin in a vampiric legal monopoly which extracts the wealth from every productive aspect of profitable and voluntary cooperation among men.

Whether consciously or not, acting man fears for his ability to preserve wealth into the future and provide for his grandchildren, or even satisfy his most basic needs in the immediate future. .

This drives him to seek out alternative media in which he can preserve his monetary energy into the future, giving birth to a wide range of inefficient and arcane financial instruments through which he can find refuge in the storm of monetary debasement. .

Tune in to any average joe financial planning YouTube channel and you’ll find a laundry list of strategies employed to preserve capital into the future.

Of course, the more leveraged the system becomes, the more it defies the natural economic order of liquidation, the more it pushes off risk into the future, the more unstable it becomes. .

That is, assets must continue to inflate because assets are the store of value medium through which man preserves himself into the future. .

They satisfy the market demand for instruments in which man can preserve his capital — his lifeblood — into the future. .

These businesses have mutated into mercurial public financial instruments which the whole of society depends upon to preserve its lifeblood into the future

A new monetary medium that satisfies the most pressing demand for preserving lifeblood into the future is making its way onto the world stage

Over-engineered financial assets that have been used as stores of value and contain a great deal of monetary premium are like hyper-saturated solutions in desperate search for equilibrium. 

The emergence of a global, self-clearing digital monetary network which emulates and improves upon the monetary properties of history’s best money (gold) will function like a vacuum that sucks up this premium like a black hole. 

While the mainstream parrots conventional wisdom and stands stunned in disbelief as the universe returns to a state of natural equilibrium (that is to say, a monetary premium in money, rather than in money-like assets), rest assured that the benefits to society will be immense

A diffusion of the monetary premium away from hyper-saturated money alternatives like real estate, commodities and equities and into an accessible, digital hypo-saturated sound money will allow for a more productive satisfaction of the marginal utility of value of these goods and services

Instead of needing a money spigot of capital to artificially inflate assets and preserve wealth through space and time via complex and over-engineered financial instruments, entrepreneurs can return to solving less pressing issues

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