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21 October 2020

Five Machine Learning Methods Crypto Traders Should Know About - CoinDesk

Five Machine Learning Methods Crypto Traders Should Know About - CoinDesk

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In a recent article, I discussed the relevance of the machine learning techniques powering the famous OpenAI’s GPT-3 could have for the crypto market.

In this article, I would like to discuss some novel areas of deep learning that can have a near immediate impact in the quant models applied to crypto. .

While adapting transformers to financial scenarios remains relatively challenging, other new areas of the deep learning space are showing promise when applied in quant models on various asset classes including crypto. .

That’s because of the  the digital DNA and the transparency of crypto assets and  that the rise of crypto has coincided with a renaissance of machine learning and the emergence of deep learning.

One of the limitations of machine learning quant models is the lack of large historical datasets.

Labeled datasets are scarce in the crypto space and that severely limits the type of machine learning quant models that can be built in real world scenarios.

In our example, a representation learning method could analyze the order book and identify hundreds of thousands of potential features that can act as predictors for the Bitcoin prices

The process of creating quant machine learning models remains highly subjective in many aspects

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