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22 June 2021

Five Top Wallets To Safely Hold And Store Crypto In 2021

Five Top Wallets To Safely Hold And Store Crypto In 2021

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Finding the right wallet is one of the most important steps any crypto holder can take.

Hardware wallets are physical devices built to store crypto.

Ledger offers a large knowledge base on its website and also features the Ledger Academy, aiming to teach people more about crypto and blockchain. .

Wallet users have access to an easy-to-use interface and a unified address to manage a variety of crypto transactions.

Exodus users can create a wallet without any registration and rest assured the company does not have access to private keys.

Trezor holds the status as the original crypto hardware wallet

Both are multi-currency, making Trezor a great choice for crypto holders who have a robust portfolio

Crypto holders have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding a wallet

Those interested in a cold wallet should look at Ledger or Trezor

Users who want better access to crypto for trading should consider a secure hot wallet like Coin.Space, Exodus, or Wasabi.

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