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18 April 2021

Garnish Your Own Wages

Garnish Your Own Wages

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Unless you buy bitcoin with your paycheck first, you can always find another purpose for your excess income.

I’ve been an advocate of “paying myself first” my entire life, I started investing in my early 20s using auto asset building via no-load mutual funds, and in my 40s, I continue to do the same, although I have altered my asset allocation to predominantly bitcoin.

Rather than focusing on the value of what I have (which I’m not going to spend as long as I have fiat cash flow), I focus on adding to my satoshi stack.

The point is, just keep adding to your stack; at present, one can acquire 10,000 satoshis for $5, an amazingly large amount for such little fiat.

Bitcoin is limited in supply and demand is almost infinite as long as fiat currencies continue to cannibalize themselves via excess production to satisfy the debt-laden economy.

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