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13 May 2021 Celebrates 8th Anniversary - a New Era for Crypto-Asset Trading – Sponsored Bitcoin News Celebrates 8th Anniversary - a New Era for Crypto-Asset Trading – Sponsored Bitcoin News

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Users who are familiar with know that security is embodied in all aspects of the platform: GateChain secure DeFi ecosystem, secure hardware fingerprint wallet Wallet S1, contract security audit and the most innovative secure smart public chain, and so on.

Gate Startup helped with the launches of some great DeFi projects such as DAO, HAPI, WOO, KAI, and it’s first-launch project yield rate ranks third in the world according to statistics from CryptoRank.

In fact, since 2020, Gate trading platform has also upgraded its Startup platform, and has made more stringent auditing and standards for projects and investors selections.

Gate Startup provides more than just fundraising for high-quality projects around the world, but also adds more flexible and diversified services.

The Startup platform continues to launch high-quality projects and discounted purchases of BTC and ETH, injecting new vitality into the IEO method.

On the other hand, Gate has also given enough market enthusiasm and focus for the high-quality projects on the Startup platform, supplemented by funds and community driving forces and gradually forming a virtuous and positive market cycle.

While attracting more high-quality projects to the platform, Startup also raises the barriers to entry and created multiple protections for investment users.

In August 2019, it launched Wealth Management; In February 2020, leveraged ETF to provided users with medium and high-risk preferences with more trading options; In July 2020, the pro version of the trading interface launched to meet the operational needs of high-end users; In July 2020, launched short-term options trading, which supports the buying of short-term (1 hour, 4 hours, and 1 day) expiration option transactions.

Excellent start-up projects can further be launched at Startup, and will be given priority to access the GateChain ecosystem.

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