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22 April 2021

Gauging the Potential of Jigstack’s STAK Token

Gauging the Potential of Jigstack’s STAK Token

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As the native currency of the Jigstack ecosystem, STAK will play an integral role.

Every transaction via Jigstack will award STAK holders with passive revenue.

Additionally, Jigstack’s Lemonade platform will provide an extra benefit to STAK holders.

As the native token sale platform of Jigstack – compatible with multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and Hedera Hashgraph – it will award 1% of the tokens being sold to STAK holders.

This is on top of the normal 1% transaction fee, creating multiple revenue sources for STAK token holders.

Making it more accessible to organize professional token sales will bring more revenue dividend potential to STAK holders.

Additionally, it will serve as a good example of how this new token sale platform works.

As a versatile service provider, Jigstack can bring significant value to STAK token holders.

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