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29 October 2020

Getting the story straight: Blockchain to curb fake news

Getting the story straight: Blockchain to curb fake news

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ANSAcheck authenticates the source of a news story and guarantees “the story came from ANSA.”.

The fake stories were distributed using the ANSA brand, format and signature.

The ANSAcheck solution works by assigning a unique hash ID to every ANSA-created news story and posting the hash to Ethereum, the world’s largest public blockchain platform.

Each ANSA story posted on its website is accompanied with an ANSAcheck sticker to signal its authenticity to readers.

Readers can click on the ANSACheck sticker to query the blockchain about the source of the story.

6, as many as 532,727 ANSA news stories had been posted on the blockchain.

Approximately 72% of ANSA readers had clicked on the ANSAcheck explanation tab to learn more about it, while 38% of people who viewed the article actually clicked on the sticker to perform the validation.

When users click on the ANSAcheck sticker, the console viewer displays the transaction details on the blockchain.

ANSA stories usually come in the news feed before they are launched on the website, giving EY time to register them on the blockchain.

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