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27 October 2020

Global shipping leaders join IBM and Maersk blockchain platform

Global shipping leaders join IBM and Maersk blockchain platform

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Marvin Erdly, head of TradeLens for IBM Blockchain, told Cointelegraph that as supply chains become digitized, manual paper-based processes, like processing bills of lading, are removed from the equation.

Erdly further shared that both CMA CGM and MSC, together with Maersk, will act as platform foundation carriers by running nodes on the TradeLens network.

While it’s notable that CMA CGM and MSC have joined the TradeLens network, this also demonstrates how the coronavirus pandemic has prompted the need for digitized supply chains.

Andre Simha, global chief digital and information officer for MSC, noted that TradeLens is an important initiative in the digitalization of global shipping and logistics, mentioning the platform clearly has the potential to help carriers and their customers increase transparency and reduce errors and delays.

Simha further noted that by integrating with TradeLens, the company can begin to show their customers and business partners how they can create value using a blockchain platform.

Clerc noted that organizations are beginning to see the value of digital products and platforms for keeping supply chains flowing during lockdowns that have complicated manual and physical interactions between stakeholders in the logistics value chain.

Overall, it’s become clear that blockchain will continue to play an important role in the digitization of supply chains

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