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13 May 2021

GlobeDX Raises $18M to Build a Next-Generation Derivatives Exchange

GlobeDX Raises $18M to Build a Next-Generation Derivatives Exchange

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Up-and-coming derivatives exchange GlobeDEX – or Globe as it’s simply known – has closed a private round worth $18 million.

Its team, who can’t be accused of lacking ambition, are confident that they can transform Globe into a global exchange that’s as appealing to novices as it is to pro traders.

For example, holders will be able to stake GDT to earn additional benefits, and it can also be used as margin to increase the size that users can trade with.

“Trading defi perpetuals on an exchange built by trad-fi veterans will be a whole new experience for crypto traders.” Once the GDR public sale is out of the way on April 30, a wave of new users will be able to put that claim to the test and discover what GlobeDX has to offer.

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