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12 May 2021

Golden State Warriors Release NFT Collection - Decrypt

Golden State Warriors Release NFT Collection - Decrypt

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The Golden State Warriors basketball team has announced the release of officially licensed NFTs, per an announcement made today. .

Warriors Commemorative Ticket Stub NFTs are designed to bring to life some of the most memorable moments in franchise history, including the Warriors’ first-ever NBA Championship game in 1947, and the famous upset game against the Mavericks on May 3, 2007. .

Warriors Championship Ring NFTs and Commemorative Ticket Stub NFTs were both designed by Brazilian artist Andre Maciel, otherwise known as Black Madre.

Both the Championship Ring NFTs and Ticket Stub NFTs will be partnered with live experience for successful bidders, including participation in a Warrior-for-a-Day experience, and a custom championship ring presentation during a game. .

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