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19 January 2021

Here Are the Best Bitcoin Black Friday Deals for 2020 - Decrypt

Here Are the Best Bitcoin Black Friday Deals for 2020 - Decrypt

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Here Are the Best Bitcoin Black Friday Deals for 2020.

And then there’s Black Friday, which, for many, represents the light at the end of the tunnel—a kind of reward for surviving Thanksgiving—though it comes with its own set of challenges.

Ledger, a company that makes physical “wallets” for crypto assets,has dealson the Ledger Nano S—hardware for storing and managing crypto—and the Ledger Nano X, a more deluxe version of the same product.

Shift Crypto is another company making physical drives for storing crypto; it’s offeringdealson bundles as well as on individual wallets.

The digital payment service Bitpay has a neatlist of places you can spend crypto, including Ace Jewelers ($13k watch, anyone?) and Blocklete Games, a company that makes a blockchain golf video game

You can alsouse Bitpay to pay with crypto at Belliani, a furniture marketplace with Black Friday discounts on everything from hot tubs to Christmas ornaments

Bitcoin Black Fridaywas originally a passion project from the developer Jon Holmquist, who created the site in 2012 and shut it down last year, saying he’d “fallen out of love with using bitcoin as a means of consumer payment.” The site returns this year under the auspices ofBitcoin Magazine, aggregating deals on Bitcoin-related products like the aforementioned Bitcoin pashmina (it’s unclear if you can actually pay for that one in Bitcoin)

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