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24 June 2021

Here’s what would happen to Bitcoin if the government tried to take it over

Here’s what would happen to Bitcoin if the government tried to take it over

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In addition to the price pressure, analysts would need to confirm a large increase in open interest, which is the number of contracts in play.

As shown above, each CME Bitcoin futures contract represents 5 BTC, so the 7,572 open interest totals 37,860 BTC.

A large futures contract seller will cause a momentary distortion in the futures premium.

Unlike perpetual contracts, these fixed-calendar futures do not have a funding rate, so their price will vastly differ from regular spot exchanges.

By measuring the price gap between futures and the regular spot market, a trader can gauge the level of bullishness in the market.

Whenever there's an aggressive activity from shorts (sellers), the two-month futures contract will trade at a 1% or higher discount.

Notice how the July CME futures usually trade between a 0.5% discount and a 1.5% premium versus regular spot exchanges.

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