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22 April 2021

Here’s why Kusama (KSM) is set to change the crypto landscape

Here’s why Kusama (KSM) is set to change the crypto landscape

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Kusama is a unique project that has been drawing a lot of attention in recent months, mainly because of its unique design functionality and future-oriented ecosystem.

Another important facet of the project worth noting is that all official Polkadot updates are also tested out on the Kusama ecosystem before being released for public consumption.

However, the difference lies in the fact that, unlike Polkadot, Kusama is quite flexible and provides developers a lot of flexibility, primarily in terms of less stringent governance parameters.

From a design standpoint, Kusama largely resembles Polkadot — with the project even referred to as the latter’s canary network — with both platforms making use of two separate blockchains, i.e.

Also, the prospect of parachains is also quite interesting once looked at closely since they are, in essence, separate layer-1 blockchains that have the ability to run in conjunction with the Kusama ecosystem, staying connected to the central Relay chain, thereby allowing for a high level of security all while drastically improving the platform’s scalability and interoperability.

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