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19 September 2021

Hip Hop Star Ja Rule Discusses the Growing NFT Space and Crypto — 'I Like the Fact That Bitcoin Is Decentralized' – Interview Bitcoin News

Hip Hop Star Ja Rule Discusses the Growing NFT Space and Crypto — 'I Like the Fact That Bitcoin Is Decentralized' – Interview Bitcoin News

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That was like the next obvious progression for sports cards and so I started collecting those and then a friend of mine let me know that what I was collecting was actually NFTs?

BCN: In addition to NFTs, what do you think about the rise of digital currencies like bitcoin.

Curious as to what you think about these Fyre Festival NFTs that are listed.

For instance, one NFT is a picture of the cheese sandwich that sold for $80K — What do you think about that sale.

Then the cheese sandwich photo is a very interesting story, because the guy that actually took that picture of the cheese sandwich — This is a guy I should have animosity toward.

Because he took a picture of a cheese sandwich, and that was a false narrative to what was being served at the festival.

Like this is what they were serving on this disaster and then you see the documentary, and the woman is sitting there saying she lost money because she fed all these people, saying this and that, and how she cooked amazing food?

But I’m smart enough to know that if people were being served a cheese sandwich, there would be more than just one picture up.

The cheese sandwich story is such an amazing story, because this man brought us this cheese sandwich picture and he wanted to sell it and the rights to the picture, because of all the hoopla and whatever Fyre was.

I said ‘ya know Test, this is bigger than just the picture,’ and Test was like ‘Ya know Ja, I agree.’ I said we should buy this picture and save this guy’s life, and that’s just what we did.

I hate when people talk about that incident like I’m such a bad guy, and they don’t even know me or know much about the incident.

Whenever people talk about the Fyre Festival, I let them know that I was cleared of all wrongdoing.

With that being said, the cheese sandwich picture sold and saved a life, and at the end of the day, there is a silver lining out of that whole fiasco?

Ja Rule: I think people are really getting into NFTs because of what it is.

Ja Rule: I like decentralization, I like the fact that people can move their money in different ways.

This is a currency that people can use across all forums.

There’s not a lot of people into NFTs and a lot of people are intrigued and want to know more about it.

A lot of celebrities, a lot of people are getting into it because I think they like the sense of community.

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