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21 October 2019

Hodler’s Digest, July 29 – Aug. 4: Facebook’s Libra Confession, US Urged to Lead Way on Crypto

Hodler’s Digest, July 29 – Aug. 4: Facebook’s Libra Confession, US Urged to Lead Way on Crypto

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Previous research has indicated that more than 90% of European crypto investors are male, but this latest study suggests 22% of holders are female.

What’s more, they are likelier to be in the top 10% of earners than their male counterparts?

Other nuggets of information reveal that Switzerland has the highest rate of crypto ownership in Europe — and even though the United Kingdom languishes in 11th place when it comes to its share of European crypto holders, London has the highest concentration of enthusiasts anywhere on the continent.

Although the country plans to ban cash payments for goods and services worth more than 10,000 AUD ($6,900), politicians hope to exclude cryptocurrencies from this rule.

Lawmakers say they want to avoid stifling innovation in the burgeoning sector — adding that its research suggests “there is little current evidence” that crypto is being used to facilitate black market activities.

The Financial Conduct Authority, Britain’s regulator, announced this week that it will not oversee Bitcoin and Ether because they are outside of its remit.

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Appearing alongside Anthony Pompliano this week, he also warned the “first country to buy Bitcoin will force others to play catch up.”.

Thursday saw Brazil introduce new measures that mean citizens must share information about their crypto transactions with the state’s Internal Revenue Service.

He operated under several usernames — including “Chems_usa,” “Chemical_usa” and “Jagger109” — and will forfeit assets worth more than $4.1 million as a part of the ruling.

In this documentary, Cointelegraph looks at how crypto startups are revolutionizing the way pornographic content is purchased — and asks whether it could disrupt the industry.

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CFTC Chair Says Ether Futures 'Likely' in 2020
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Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chairman Heath Tarbert says the crypto world will see ethereum futures contracts sometime in 2020.

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