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28 May 2020

Hodler’s Digest, Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week

Hodler’s Digest, Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week

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The United States president declared that he isn’t a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — telling his 61.9 million followers they fuel unlawful behavior.

Trump also had Libra in his sights during the three-tweet tirade and warned Facebook’s upcoming digital currency will have “little standing or dependability.” He rounded off by reminding his followers that there’s only one real currency in America, the U.S.

His tweets came two days after Libra co-creator and Calibra head David Marcus assured Congress that Facebook is willing to cooperate with its hearings — even though politicians’ pleas to halt the project seem to have fallen on deaf ears at Menlo Park.

institutions did have the potential to spook crypto users this week.

In a joint statement on Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the snappily named Financial Industry Regulatory Authority said they are unconvinced that crypto custodians can comply with strict rules designed to ensure that assets can be returned to customers if a company collapses.

The crypto exchange and stablecoin firm, accused of defrauding investors to the tune of $850 million, have been trying to get the case thrown out of a New York court by arguing that they didn’t operate their businesses in the state.

Trying to strike an optimistic note, the researchers stressed that the survey was conducted before the recent bull run and suggested sudden price rises may have encouraged some of the crypto-cautious kids to reconsider.

Tyler and Cameron, who co-founded the crypto trading platform Gemini, think every FANG company — the “Big Four” internet companies (i.e., Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) — will have their own digital currency in just two years’ time.

Following several weeks of red flags, Poland’s BitMarket crypto exchange abruptly shut down on Monday.

In the run-up to its demise, customers were reportedly forced to change their passwords and API keys for no reason — and speculation on Reddit suggested that some withdrawal attempts had been halted because additional Know Your Customer checks had been suddenly imposed on users.

This week, it’s the Japanese crypto exchange Bitpoint.

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