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05 December 2020

How a Bitcoin Shortage Could Be Good for Crypto Investors - Decrypt

How a Bitcoin Shortage Could Be Good for Crypto Investors - Decrypt

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With big tech companies snapping up so much Bitcoin, the price is only going to go up—but will it make the cryptocurrency less accessible to everyday people who don’t have millions of dollars to plug into the cryptocurrency? 

Pedro Febrero, Co-Founder of the academy Crypto Nerds, and analyst at Quantum Economics said that the number of Bitcoin getting “concentrated in fewer hands in the long-term” could be a “problem for the democratization of finance.” 

Shawn Dexter, decentralized finance analyst at Quantum Economics, said: “Big tech, institutions, owning a large share of Bitcoin and holding it will only serve to increase the underlying security of the network, furthering the store of value offering.”

He also said that regardless of the price of the currency, “having the option to buy an asset that no single power can unilaterally decide to inflate is a form of democratization” and that people will still be able to use it as a store of value—as many people do right now. 

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