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30 September 2020

How Bitcoin Correlations Drive the Narrative - CoinDesk

How Bitcoin Correlations Drive the Narrative - CoinDesk

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Arca insists that Gnosis should at least trade at the net asset value of its treasury, which is at current prices $139 per GNO (the platform’s token, which at time of writing has a market price of $67), and that the mispricing is due to poor decisions on the part of management.

Second, it could refine the definition of “token.” Is it like a venture investment, where investors are expected to help their portfolio companies in exchange for greater potential returns?

Arca CIO Jeff Dorman believes his firm’s holding is like an interest-free loan, which comes with the expectation that lenders are kept informed of the borrower’s progress and plans for the proceeds.

And third, it could influence investment strategies.

We’ve seen the price of GNO jump over the past few days, presumably in the expectation that management will listen to Arca’s demands.

Investment management firm Wave Financial has received its first round of investment from clients for the Wave Kentucky Whiskey 2020 Digital Fund, which it plans to tokenize in a year or two.

And it remains to be seen how comfortable investors will be with this concept

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