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23 October 2020

How DeFi Prediction Market Space Is Getting Disrupted | Live Bitcoin News

How DeFi Prediction Market Space Is Getting Disrupted | Live Bitcoin News

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But whether in bear or bull season cryptocurrency traders make money regardless of the existing market directions, this type of prediction market is only available in other projects and exchange platforms outside the DeFi market, notably the centralized exchange markets (CEXs).

Plotx, a DeFi prediction market for cryptocurrency traders, is set to change that, establishing once more the dominance of the DeFi market in what looks like the long-awaited bull run of 2020.

Plotx prediction market is set to be the link that will connect traders of various DeFi projects tokens.

Plotx is a noncustodial prediction tool that allows traders to earn rewards on a high yield prediction market, it will enable traders to gain on either direction the DeFi market is taking and could potentially make traders some incredible amount of money when you take into consideration the large amount of volatility that exists in DeFi market.

The fast and intuitive website experience will ensure that anyone with a simple ability of predicting or trading on any known exchange or prediction market is already equipped to make predictions on the Plotx prediction platform

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