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21 October 2020

How HBCUs Are Prepping Black Students for Blockchain Careers - CoinDesk

How HBCUs Are Prepping Black Students for Blockchain Careers - CoinDesk

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With many programs being only a couple years old, few schools have dedicated blockchain courses, even as students from blockchain groups have started to teach themselves.

“On the East Coast, certain majority-white colleges do this with their spare time anyway,” said Ryan Cooper, a graduate of Bowie State University who started the blockchain group at Bowie.

For instance, blockchain will likely remain just a part of courses at Howard University and not become a full-blown major “until there is a killer research rationale for doing so,” said Todd Shurn, a professor of computer science at Howard University. .

Morgan State’s FinTech Center started a blockchain group in 2019 and had a multimillion-dollar investment from Ripple in February of that year.

The school teaches a blockchain fundamentals course but is still a few years away from a certification program, said Judith Schnidman, the FinTech Center’s program coordinator.

Last year at the HBCU Blockchain Curriculum Development Institute, Morgan State brought 45 faculty from roughly 30 universities who had to submit course proposals to teach new courses or modify a course to include blockchain education.

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