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28 September 2021

How the crypto workforce changed in the pandemic

How the crypto workforce changed in the pandemic

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Working from home is where we all have spent most of this crisis.

“That way, those of us who want to meet up once or twice a week and bond socially can still do so in the office while working from home the majority of the time.

I am sure that we as a company will not lease swanky office spaces any time soon, but rather provide better flexibility and other perks that make working from home more pleasurable for our team,” he concludes.

I want people to be able to come in and relax, enjoy time with their co-workers, conduct meetings or just chill.

So, perhaps as pandemic restrictions wind back, an office will be seen as a luxury perk for tech and crypto companies, a central clubhouse that people use how and when they want.

Not only has his team never all been in the one location, but the majority of the twenty staff also have never met each other in person.

“Having an internationally dispersed team is normal for me, lockdown just made it tighter,” he says.

“I see my team blossoming in this lockdown.

Mitrovich feels that since the entire world first went into lockdown, people have been looking for ways to connect.

“I have never asked but Asian people tend to keep their videos off, whereas Western people leave theirs on.

“We also have a weekly meeting which is half official and half casual, with mandatory ‘Video on.’ This way everyone knows what the team members look like and can interact with each other and share interesting stories from the market and their daily lives.”.

It is not nine to five, the roles are fluid and people are expected to run with different tasks as demand dictates.

“My wife and I are lucky in that our children are so young that homeschooling is not a challenge, but I have enjoyed immensely the extra time I can spend with the kids,” he says.

Retraining for the crypto and blockchain sector may provide them with a way to get back on their feet, especially if they live in an expensive part of the world.

The fact that they can usually work from anywhere opens up a world of employment possibilities.

And with the lockdown, the hospitality sector has been slammed.

They contacted The Blockchain Academy and agreed to partner with them to provide foundation courses in blockchain.

“Remote may mean we need to learn to be empathetic on purpose, but the inbuilt consensus mechanisms from a DAO means firstly, people have a vested interest in the organization and secondly, they have a say in the culture.

If run successfully, with appropriate tokenomics, the benefit can accrue from the bottom up.

Rust is also experimenting with a DAO as part of his sustainable crypto investing business in Hong Kong

In each case, the allocations will come from team leads — not a centralized authority

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