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06 March 2021

Hub Security launches new HSM crypto custody solution » CryptoNinjas

Hub Security launches new HSM crypto custody solution » CryptoNinjas

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Hub Security, an Israeli cybersecurity firm manufacturing hardware modules for secure custody of private keys, paired with an ultra-secure quantum-proof HSM cloud platform, today announced the launch of their new secure custody solution geared towards the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector.

In addition, encrypted keys are stored and safeguarded on Hub Security’s secure remote servers where users can design unique and complex user-privilege architectures that would allow several signatories to approve high-level transactions at once. Moreover, Hub Security’s platform leverages AI technology that can learn to predict the transaction patterns of users and prevent suspicious activity.

The solution’s technology is based on the company’s unique cybersecurity capabilities, which leverages Hub Security’s ultra-secure Vault HSM (Hardware Security Module) device and key management platform. The solution consists of a remote server that combines critical physical and network security characteristics to allow for the secure use of encryption keys and other highly-sensitive data.

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