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14 August 2020

Innovation Cycles, Crypto Venture Funds and Institutional Investors - CoinDesk

Innovation Cycles, Crypto Venture Funds and Institutional Investors - CoinDesk

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Innovation Cycles, Crypto Venture Funds and Institutional Investors.

Crypto funds in a VC structure, however, have a peculiar constraint: they can only invest up to 20% in assets that are not equity of private companies.

And not just from its crypto funds – a16z’s other funds can also now take meaningful stakes in crypto assets.

But the range of institutions that are likely to invest directly in crypto assets is relatively small compared to number that can (and do) invest in venture capital.

Jeff Dorman at Arca shows that some institutions may be using the CME as a fast and relatively easy way to access physical bitcoins.

are licensed but not regulated, since crypto assets are not yet regulated – the CME is, however, a regulated exchange, which should reassure jittery regulated funds.

However, most of the longs on the CME futures market are from retail investors, not institutional.

Bitcoin exchange and custodian Bakkt, backed by NYSE parent ICE, revealed this week that it has onboarded more than 70 clients for its custody services and has partnered with insurance broker Marsh to offer clients more than $500 million worth of coverage.

Crypto Twitter erupted earlier this week with a rumor that some of the original bitcoin mined by pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto had just moved – implying that 1) he was still alive, and 2) could be about to sell some of his allegedly substantial holding (he was one of the only miners back in the early days).

Hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones’ recent public comments on bitcoin’s relative value, and the growing volumes on the CME and in Bakkt’s custody business add credence to the anecdotal belief that the institutions are indeed starting to take notice.

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