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25 January 2021

Introducing SINOVATE: The Future of Decentralized Cloud Storage | Press release Bitcoin News

Introducing SINOVATE: The Future of Decentralized Cloud Storage | Press release Bitcoin News

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Decentralized cloud data storage platform SINOVATE is developing its own in-house blockchain technology known as Deterministic Infinity Nodes (DIN).

The potentially groundbreaking new tech works in unison with Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS) to create a new consensus system with security levels never seen before.

SINOVATE is a (SIN) decentralized cloud data storage platform that offer a potential solution to.

Its unique decentralized data storage network is backed by Deterministic Infinity Nodes (DIN) which interact seamlessly with Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS), through a novel protocol called bFTP (blockchain-based File Transfer Protocol).

SINOVATE’S Deterministic Infinity Nodes reduce inflation and promote network growth through its Infinity Nodes.

Infinity nodes solve the new deterministic algorithm: lock/reward and PoB to bring provably fair deterministic rewards, with bulletproof stability, and network stability.

The network will consist of more than 1,800 DIN that will bring more data storage capacity to the network.

bFTP allows the user to easily re-authenticate to any of the nodes that hold a copy of the stored data using the deterministic “score” algorithm.

SINOVATE’s decentralized infinity node architecture and incorruptible data storage underlayer provide an incredibly secure foundation upon which new companies can be built, and its Proof of Burn feature offers both a answer to network sustainability, inflation, while offering everyone involved a chance to benefit for being apart of its future vision for decentralized data.

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