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03 March 2021

Introducing The Bitcoin Magazine Art Portal – Bitcoin Magazine

Introducing The Bitcoin Magazine Art Portal – Bitcoin Magazine

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If you submit your artwork to the Bitcoin Magazine contributors portal ( your work may be selected and featured on in an upcoming article!

This initiative by Bitcoin Magazine has one goal in mind: bringing Bitcoin art to the masses.

The image of your art probably belongs on Bitcoin Magazine where it will be syndicated across the web and seen by the most Bitcoiners possible.

But there will be a curation process and not any old sketch with a Bitcoin logo will make it through.

With this new initiative,Bitcoin Magazine is attempting to decentralize the art contributions on the Bitcoin Magazine website, the same way written contributions come from across the Bitcoin community

This initiative will give artists extra opportunity to gain exposure to our audience, and give our audience exposure to the many great artists in this space, whether they be up and coming or well established

So, make your way over to the brand new Bitcoin Magazine ✨Art Portal✨ where we will be fielding visual content submissions the same way we accept written contributions from the community.

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