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18 April 2021

Invictus Capital Blazes Trail For Bitcoin Portfolio Gains

Invictus Capital Blazes Trail For Bitcoin Portfolio Gains

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Opening its doors in 2017, Invictus Capital has launched seven unique funds to plug users into the world of Bitcoin and beyond.

Unlike Invictus’ other funds, which tend to mitigate risk through diversification, IBA offers investors favorable risk-adjusted exposure to bitcoin — making it an incredible option for those looking to make some serious gains in the medium to long term.

Invictus Capital also offers several other funds, with less direct exposure to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Invictus also offers funds for venture capital investment in blockchain-focused companies, as well as other assets like renewable energy and gold.

In short, Invictus Capital offers a wide range of products and services for investors looking to dip their toe into the dazzling world of crypto assets.

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