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27 July 2021

IoTeX is Eating IOTA’s Market Share with 1.3 Update

IoTeX is Eating IOTA’s Market Share with 1.3 Update

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Their blockchain platform not only powers the many digital applications running on Iotex, but also smart devices such as their CES award winning secure home security camera UCam, as well as their real-time environment tracker designed for supply chain implementation, the Pebble Tracker.

On the other hand, IoTeX is building nonstop, supporting developers with consistent new releases of software and real-world devices.

Below are the 5 main takeaways that you should know about IoTeX, their recent updates, the current blockchain implementation, and why it matters for the future.

Right now, transaction and data transfers cost as little as one-fiftieth of a U.S cent, and with the 1.3 update, these costs have been dropped even lower.

For an IoT application, where real-world data is being used to initiate transactions, fast transaction speeds are vital to ensuring network functionality as billions of smart devices come online in the coming years.

These blazing fast transaction speeds are vital to making sure that applications and real-world devices are able to function efficiently with minimal delay between data transfers.

Since its inception, IoTeX has broken ground on this mostly untapped market, powering two real-world smart devices built around the integration of IoT and blockchain.

Iotex and its heavy focus on smart devices is something to keep a close watch on: I’m sure that we’ll be seeing rapid growth in this relatively unexplored sphere.

In addition to today’s 1.3 update, they’ve just launched a new site this week alongside the blockchain update, and their native token $IOTX has just been listed on Bitmart, marking its entrance to the US market.

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