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22 June 2021

Is a new decentralized internet, or Web 3.0, possible?

Is a new decentralized internet, or Web 3.0, possible?

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This is reflected in the quality of service offered by the internet giants: a latency time greatly reduced compared with their (potential) competitors.

Solid is a specification that lets people store their data securely in decentralized data stores called pods.

Dfinity proposes the Internet Computer Protocol, or ICP, which the project describes as “extending the internet with serverless cloud functionality, enabling secure software and a new breed of open internet services.” This ICP is provided by a global network of independent data centers.

The result would be an internet capable of carrying not only packets of data but also services in a decentralized manner.

This “merger” would foster a more open, resilient and plural internet that is capable of natively offering essential services such as information search, decentralized domain name management, digital identity, electronic messaging, data storage, computing power (artificial intelligence), confidentiality, traceability and electronic signature.

These services have become universal resources of the internet and, as such, should be natively provided by the network and managed as commons.

In technical terms, the challenge is to combine the data packet transport (TCP/IP) functionality with a certain “intelligence” that allows packets to encapsulate a service marker.

The operators of these nodes can be either existing internet service providers, specialized companies (software publishers, data centers, etc.), or public authorities.

This essential function can be offered by the internet network (via its augmented protocol), which would result in a more objective, more complete and more privacy-friendly search engine, as all search data would be stored by the network in a decentralized way and no longer be centralized on private servers.

The future IOUR infrastructure could — and should — also rely on such a grid to deploy the nodes that are necessary to make the internet capable of providing “native” services.

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