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19 September 2021

It Is Easy To Have An Impact On Bitcoin

It Is Easy To Have An Impact On Bitcoin

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Here at Bitcoin Magazine, we have an excellent copy editing network, which includes the highly talented Keith Mukai.

Mukai contributes to Bitcoin in so many ways, and we are very lucky to have him here at the magazine.

In this episode, we discussed his background that brought him into Bitcoin, including the skill sets which have allowed him to contribute to the space!

We also talked about how Bitcoin has changed his life, his favorite piece he’s edited here at the magazine and what he’s personally looking forward to in the industry.

Unfortunately, I didn't have that nerd friend who could have told me about Bitcoin way back in the early days.

Before 2017, every time I encountered Bitcoin I'd think, "Man, that sounds cool.

I don't think about how it'll be useful or whether it'll advance my career or have some future ROI.

I loved what Stepan Snigirev was doing with it, but his focus was on supporting airgapped hardware wallets that never get plugged into a computer.

And then, after Jack Mallers' incredible announcement about El Salvador at the Bitcoin 2021 conference, I was so inspired that I really wanted to add Spanish language support to Specter!

As one of the copy editors here at the magazine, you've worked on many of our articles - what have been your favorite pieces to edit and why.

What would otherwise be mysterious Bitcoin magic just becomes something simple and mechanical that's not even that hard to understand.

I'm not savvy enough to be able to predict where we're going or what the world will look like, but I'm just dying to build like crazy to provide the tools and services that become necessary along the way.

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