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09 July 2020

Jailed Deepdotweb Admin Denies Earning $15M From Darknet Links - Bitcoin News

Jailed Deepdotweb Admin Denies Earning $15M From Darknet Links - Bitcoin News

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Jailed Deepdotweb Admin Denies Earning $15M From Darknet Links.

In an interview from prison, one of Deepdotweb’s operators has disputed the $15 million allegedly made from “illegal” referral links, claiming “There was no such amount.” Currently on remand in France, Israeli citizen Tal Prihar stands accused of directing visitors towards darknet markets (DNMs) in his role as Deepdotweb administrator.

The popular site published articles about darknet drug busts, new onion services and other stories related to online marketplaces.

Contesting a charge of money laundering, Prihar insisted that Deepdotweb (DDW) was merely a news site which helped curious users make more informed decisions about the darknet.

Refuting the $15 million figure, Prihar claimed that the site earned money from legitimate marketing endeavors for bitcoin gambling websites, anonymous VPN software, and crypto exchanges.

We never put up an advertised article to promote the use of one or another site, or any other illegal product … I have no doubt that in the absence of [Deepdotweb], many more people would have died from online drug purchases.”.

“In general, to this day, I really don’t know that we have committed any offence.”.

After seizing Deepdotweb last May, the FBI deleted all of the news articles on the site, with some critics labeling the action an assault on the freedom of the press.

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