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09 July 2020

John McAfee Announces Privacy Coin – Airdrop Today | Sponsored Bitcoin News

John McAfee Announces Privacy Coin – Airdrop Today | Sponsored Bitcoin News

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John McAfee Announces Privacy Coin – Airdrop Today.

John McAfee has announced a new privacy coin called GHOST.

McAfee has long backed privacy and fair distribution of wealth, traits he found in Switch.

As a long-standing supporter of privacy, McAfee, whose passion for the world’s data protection led him to build the world-renowned namesake antivirus technology, stands by Switch as the ecosystem shares his vision of privacy.

His support of the Switch ecosystem allowed private trading of digital assets, but the use of cryptocurrencies extends well beyond trading and he now aims to bring to the masses a privacy-focused coin led by some of the top minds in the security space.

And that is precisely what GHOST aims to do: private transactions across the web, without sacrificing ease of transacting.

People who share McAfee’s vision in valuing the sanctity of privacy and are upset with the consistent recession in user privacy across the growing web conglomerates have flocked to ESH to be the sole first recipients of GHOST during the May 25 airdrop?

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