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23 June 2021

Jonathan Rosen and Treum Team Up for Massive NFT Drop - Decrypt

Jonathan Rosen and Treum Team Up for Massive NFT Drop - Decrypt

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Visual artistJonathan Rosenhas teamed up withTreum, the company behind the wildly successful NFT projectEulerBeats, to release a limited set of NFTs exhibited first on a 36-screen digital facade on Oxford Street in London and currently displayed onNasdaq’s seven-story tower in Times Square, New York.

The five winning collectors of his 1-of-1 1000+ phrase pieces will be given the opportunity to have their face, name, and/or crypto wallet address displayed on the Nasdaq tower, next to their newly minted NFT. .

In addition to the auctions, collectors will get the chance to purchase a unique single-phrase NFT through a fixed-priced lottery.  .

On June 16, the five winners of the auction, as well as the collector of the highest number of single phrase NFTs will have the opportunity to place a name, logo, or wallet address on the Nasdaq Digital Tower in New York as part of Rosen’s art exhibition in the city. 

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