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28 September 2020

Kristin Smith: How Crypto Can Win Over Washington, DC

Kristin Smith: How Crypto Can Win Over Washington, DC

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Due to that ambition, no other industry of comparable size and age has so quickly captured the focus of policymakers and regulators.

Some in the crypto world, based on a general aversion to anything centralized, view engagement with regulatory agencies and members of Congress as anathema to the spirit of permissionless networks.

The public policies that we need for crypto to thrive cannot not be achieved if our industry is unwilling to unite and work with the government.

More established industries have long recognized that working together in Washington, even with their most vicious competitors,is an essential component of their success.

Other industries, like Big Tech, have learned the hard way that robust engagement with national regulators is necessary to maintain and grow their market positions. .

crypto and blockchain industry does have a growing stable of champions.

To maintain and grow that base of support, the responsible and compliant leaders of our (relatively tiny) industry must set aside old rivalries and speak with one united, forceful voice.

The only way to get their sustained, engaged attention is to speak with a voice loud enough that they can’t ignore what’s being said. 

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