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27 February 2021

Law Decoded: Bringing blockchain into securities markets, Feb. 12–19

Law Decoded: Bringing blockchain into securities markets, Feb. 12–19

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Conservatism surrounding money also means that old systems have to fail in a pretty conspicuous fashion for anyone to seriously talk about reforming or even discarding them.

But any casual observer, uncontaminated by the MBA jargon that exists to justify such shenanigans, can look at the events surrounding GME trading and know that these markets are not as free as we might imagine.

And maybe it’s for that reason that we’ve spent so much time talking about it, because it’s an intro to standing problems in securities trading that is interesting enough to teach a whole generation of casual observers what short-selling is.

For the blockchain community, it’s been an opportunity to consider how you can disintermediate securities trading or even facilitate same-day settlement of trades — securities tokens in other words.

But, more low-profile than the Robinhood affair, this week has seen a number of developments that bring crypto into securities markets and securities markets onto blockchains.

Simetria’s application builds on the country’s Ministry of Finance’s declaration of interest in new trading platforms that operate in more niche markets than the Tel Aviv stock exchange.

Despite the promise of peer-to-peer securities trading for the public, the biggest impact has been restricted to private platforms.

Platforms that have focused on retail investors have been plagued with low volumes and, frankly, unattractive offerings.

There is hope that, as more of these private platforms crop up around the world, they will produce a network that can build into public offerings that will, ultimately, break down the siloed operations of the individual public platforms.

For years now, the prospect of tokenizing traditional securities markets has been one of the crypto world’s core promises for how blockchain would revolutionize legacy finance?

OFAC is saying that it’s watching.

Sanctions violations work on the standard of strict liability, which means that OFAC can come for any amount.

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