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08 March 2021

Leading DeFi Projects to Follow in 2021

Leading DeFi Projects to Follow in 2021

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Without a doubt, dApps will continue to disrupt the crypto world as companies are investing heavily in the development of the DeFi ecosystem.

Following the rise in popularity of DeFi in 2020, many crypto users are on the lookout for projects that can help them maximize profits this year.

A phenomenal attribute of the Aave protocol, which is why crypto users are crazy about it, is the “flash loan” feature.

It is a money market protocol that lets users deposit cryptocurrencies to earn interest, or borrow other crypto against the deposited tokens.

A great attribute of Compound is that it requires only a crypto wallet and internet connection to participate in lending and borrowing on the platform.

After more than a year of delivering blockchain-based tools to 50,000 users, Nimbus has shifted to DeFi.

On their new platform, Nimbus is set to launch four different decentralized apps in 2021: a peer-to-peer lending dApp, crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp, IPO Hub dApp, and Crowdfunding dApp.

However, they exhibit great potentials that can help improve the crypto ecosystem for all users.

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