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26 July 2021

MakerDAO Attains Full Decentralization

MakerDAO Attains Full Decentralization

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The MakerDAO team has announced via a blog post on July 20, 2021, that the Maker Foundation’s bootstrapping process is now complete and the global community will now be in charge of the Maker Protocol.

As previouslyreportedbyBTCManagerin May 2021, the Maker Foundation took a huge step in the project’s decentralization push by returning 84,000 MKR tokens from the Development Fund to the MakerDAO smart contract, effectively making the community in charge of the money. .

Complete decentralization of Maker means that the future development and operation of the Protocol and the DAO will be determined by thousands or perhaps millions of engaged, enthusiastic community members, all determined to extend the benefits of digital currency to people across the globe,” he added

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