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05 March 2021

Marc Hochstein: Tucker Carlson Is Right on Financial Privacy - CoinDesk

Marc Hochstein: Tucker Carlson Is Right on Financial Privacy - CoinDesk

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Marc Hochstein: Tucker Carlson Is Right on Financial Privacy.

To explore why people in the art and entertainment world are so excited about NFTs right now, this week’s stage-setting episode starts with a look at how human beings decide how to value something.

These reports contain sensitive personal information about customers who may not have committed any crime.

Particularly pertinent here may be Section 314(a), which authorizes the government to share with financial institutions the names, addresses and other data about individuals and groups suspected of terrorist and money laundering activity, and in turn requires those firms to search their records and tell the authorities if they find a match.  .

“Now they’re sweating you because your bank, which you trust with your most private information, has ratted you out without your knowledge.”?

Carlson’s indignation is understandable – but so would any bank’s reticence to notify customers they were being “ratted out.” Tipping off a customer to an investigation by disclosing a SAR filing, for example, is illegal, and both the bank and the officer responsible may be held liable for lapses?

“All banks have responsibilities under federal law to cooperate with law enforcement inquiries in full compliance with the law,” B of A noted in its response to Carlson’s questions?

The broadcast didn’t explicitly say whether the bank reported only those customers who met all fourof the criteria described, or all who satisfied any one of them.  ?

have held that people have no reasonable expectation of privacy in information they voluntarily turn over to third parties.

However, with Ethereum governance set to be tied to asset ownership in a proof-of-stake system, they bear watching.  

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