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12 May 2021

Mass adoption of blockchain tech is possible, and education is the key

Mass adoption of blockchain tech is possible, and education is the key

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Essentially, it is a public ledger or database, and I think that public education about what blockchainactuallyis can be the key to its mass adoption.

Lack of knowledge and perception from the general public of the differences between blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are the major hurdles of mainstream adoption.

From a business-to-business perspective, the main obstacles in the way of adopting blockchain technology are additional costs and a total transformation of how business is conducted, resulting in certain jobs becoming redundant.

Implementing blockchain technology into a business is an expensive option: It requires additional personnel and training in specialized skills that many don’t have.

Regardless, a startup that has a great use case for emerging technologies would definitely keep me — and other people — interested.

Until we educate people about the endless possibilities that emerging technologies could offer, mass adoption will be hard to achieve.

I would like to remind the young, ambitious blockchain community that a goal without a plan is just a wish, and you never fail until you stop trying

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