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24 November 2020

Me, Myself and My Multiple Avatars - CoinDesk

Me, Myself and My Multiple Avatars - CoinDesk

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You wave back and as you do, you let your hand continue up to your head where your hand meets the virtual reality headset strapped around your face.

You pull the headset off, blink several times, and rub your face.

Back five years ago, before the advent of the virtual office, when it was all still run on video calls, you had to continually adjust your face depending on the topic at hand.

Smile and bobbing your head up and down or else arranging a look of thoughtful, grave, or sympathetic contemplation depending on the sensitivity of the subject.

You pull the food out of the microwave, sit back down at your desk, and take out your phone.

Your name and face – your real face, not that of your office avatar – look back at you.

But even being found to be spending time on some of these apps that are now thought of as havens of fake news and dissent could be grounds for “canceling.”.

You could get yourself booted or banned from other sites and apps with strict speech policies (or censorship policies as some circles call them).

You would almost certainly lose your job if some of your online identities came out.

You suppress the twinge of anxiety and turn your attention back to the green app.

As you click into an article toting a perspective that certainly wouldn’t have been welcome in the office, your phone buzzes with a notification.

Your pulse quickens and you go back to the chat.

You set the phone down next to your headset and plug them both in

You stand up from your desk, leaving your half-eaten dinner

Still wearing the same clothes from the previous night, you get into bed, alone with yourself – whoever that is – in the few cubic centimeters inside your own skull.

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