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18 April 2021

Meet the Projects Unlocking Illiquid Markets

Meet the Projects Unlocking Illiquid Markets

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This is exactly the issue that Liquidify looks to address with its blockchain-powered platform that looks to accelerate the liquidity of long-tail assets by allowing users to easily swap them over the blockchain through a unique asset pooling system — known as a liquidity accelerator.

Version 1.0 of the Liquidify platform is scheduled for launch in April and will bring with it collateral synthetization — allowing users to load their long-tail assets into a liquidity pool.

But LABS, a platform that uses blockchain technology to bridge the worlds of real estate and DeFi, might be the first to solve these issues.

This not only unlocks the liquidity of potentially illiquid real estate assets by making them more accessible to the everyday investor, but it also makes building an international real estate portfolio far more accessible, since investors can avoid the technicalities that come with securing property in other countries.

The security tokens created through the fractionization process will be tradable on a fully licensed securities exchange, and also LABS in-platform swap platform, ensuring holders can always source liquidity for their real estate shares.

The popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has grown immensely in recent months, as a wide range of new use cases became apparent, including NFTs that represent albums, virtual critters, real estate, and much more.

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