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23 April 2021

Microsoft ION's Daniel Buchner Wants To Decentralize Our Identities With Bitcoin

Microsoft ION's Daniel Buchner Wants To Decentralize Our Identities With Bitcoin

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Microsoft recently announced that their ION v1 Decentralized Identity (DID) Layer 2 solution is now active on the Bitcoin mainnet.

Instead of logging into Facebook, email or any other application with a username, users can use a digital decentralized ID (DID) instead.

Detaching users from centralized databases fundamentally changes the primary interface through which users interact with networks.

Excitingly, DID coincides with Bitcoin’s decentralization of money: it is simply the decentralization of identity.

Along those same lines, do you believe the project has the potential to become the major framework upon which identity is built in the future of the internet.

“We certainly hope ION, and Decentralized Identifiers in general, will be part of the foundation upon which identity is built.

The internet was born without a native digital identity layer, and the systems that were created in the decades since have been built around account access models, in which you are essentially a ‘leased’ ID in someone else’s system?

We believe in empowering individuals with self-ownership and control over their digital lives, all of which begins with one seemingly simple thing: owning the identifiers you use to interact with apps, services, companies, agencies, and other people.”.

We thank the Microsoft team for taking the time to interview with Bitcoin Magazine

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