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13 May 2021

Money Legos keep stacking! Finance Redefined 4/21-4/28

Money Legos keep stacking! Finance Redefined 4/21-4/28

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There was some anxiety from investors that the emission of 2,200 $AAVE per day (which would translate to roughly 5% of the ecosystem reserve fund of 2.8 million AAVE per year) might end up dragging down the token's price as farmers earn and dump.  .

The AAVE token is up nearly 15% since the launch of liquidity mining to $462, and the protocol's total value locked figure has surged to $11.8 billion — up from just over $7 billion since liquidity mining began.

One is that it’s so clearly beneficial for both parties: an idiot-proof way to earn yield on BTC is attractive for hodlers, meaning Ren will see an uptick in activity on its bridge (and therefore protocol fees), while Badger likewise gets a boost in TVL.

You can see the details in my piece, but effectively Balancer v2 is bringing some neat innovations to AMM liquidity provision and Gnosis’ CowSwap is a liquidity aggregator and offchain transaction batching protocol that will reportedly cut back on miner extractable value.

On Solana, for instance, $COPE and $STEP have attracted significant community following and investment from major players (including from funds other than noted SOL supporters Alameda Research!), and this morning announced a hackathon aiming to kick off the hashtag “solanaszn.” Other folks have bandied around “Solana Summer” in the mould of last year’s DeFi Summer, but whatever your preferred sobriquet the competition is for real.

He also noted that the Foundation has counted 2,000 developers building on Solana (he didn’t mention methodology or definitions used to arrive at the figure, and it seems perhaps a touch inflated given that a 2019 study from ConsenSys found that there’s about 1,300 Ethereum developers, and in 2020 Electric Capital pegged the total number of ETH devs around 2,300), and that Solana devs aren't interested in “copy/pastes” of Ethereum projects

He’s also right about the Stack Overflow study, though a 2018 survey from the Rust Blog showed that over 20% of developers working with the language felt unproductive after a year of use

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Why Fiat Experts Don’t Get Bitcoin
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There are various reasons traditional experts do not understand bitcoin and thus have negative views on it.

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