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23 April 2021

mWallet: ProximaX's blockchain-powered white-label mobile wallet » CryptoNinjas

mWallet: ProximaX's blockchain-powered white-label mobile wallet » CryptoNinjas

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This means that although mWallet is a standalone application, projects can also use mWallet to build their own custom wallet application that leverages a blockchain infrastructure.

mWallet aims to allow payment solution providers to make peer-to-peer transactions more seamless, convenient, and cost-efficient.

mWallet uses distributed ledger technology and blockchain protocols to secure payments and user data on the network.

mWallet can be used just like any other peer-to-peer solution to receive and send payments across the globe4

mWallet makes it easier to integrate third-party payment gateways and accounting systems into the network.

Further, mWallet and its core infrastructure can be extended into a full-fledged ‘neobank’ — which is a digital bank that has no physical branches and can solely operate online.

Dragonfly Fintech, an emerging fintech platform in Cambodia, uses the mWallet solution for their mobile payments system called Payluy.

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